Heart Of Europe

Heart Of Europe

Attention: Mont Royal is now sold out and the next phase will be launched shortly.

Located in the breathtaking World Islands development, just 4km from Dubai’s coastline, the Heart of Europe is the only island destination that brings together the best of Europe. Spanning 6 of Dubai’s iconic World islands development, The Heart of Europe provides an elegant European lifestyle never before experienced in the world. These man-made islands are an iconic development which will be known the world over, and truly an exclusive tourist destination.

The properties in these islands are handcrafted to perfection, where every detail is underpinned by luxury and grace. You can expect that every property follows the best of European heritage, culture and design.

Each island boasts a unique design, based on popular European destination, which includes Barcelona, Vienna, Monaco, Paris and Rome, Switzerland, Germany and St. Petersburg.

What Investments is Now Available in the Heart of Europe?

If you want to become part of an iconic project, then you may want to invest on Mont Royal (only few units remaining) and get the chance to own your own hotel suite. This is a great opportunity to profit from the booming hotel and tourism industry. Dubai aims to be the biggest tourist destination of any city in the world.

To learn more about Heart of Europe and the various investment opportunities that are waiting for you on this island, you can contact us today for more details.