Do you want to know the requirements when buying a property Dubai?

What is a mortgage ?

Simply explained, a mortgage is a long-term loan usually used for purchasing a domestic or commercial property. The Lender, normally a bank, will then take monthly payments (installments) to recover the loan amount from the borrower.

A mortgage in the U.A.E is paid in installments that include both interest and a payment on the principle amount that has been borrowed.

Who can apply ?

Persons who are employed, self-employed and people who are interested from abroad (nonresidents).

What is my first action step ?

Call our Mortgage hotline, or leave us your details on our contact page and an advisor will get in touch with you.

How much is my borrowing limit ?

Your borrowing limit depends on your current income and existing liabilities. This may vary from bank to bank. However we have an extensive array of plans and products and our advisors can help you select the best plan for your needs

How high can be my loan be, in comparison to the value loan available ?

This may vary depending on your nationality. In the United Arab Emirates, nationals can get up to 80% whereas expatriates can get up to 75% for their first purchases for properties less than 5,000,000 AED.

What are the rates should I expect in U.A.E ?

Typical rates are between 3.75% to 9.5%