Latest trends emerging in Dubai real estate market

Jun - 21
Latest trends in Dubai real estate

Latest trends emerging in Dubai real estate market

Dubai Real Estate Trends

There is a new real estate trend emerging in U.A.E, especially in Dubai. The increase in competition forces a qualitative shift. More developers are now focusing on affordable units and taking care of long term maintenance issues. “Buildings to rent” become a clear focus for the newly designed residential units in Dubai. This will definitely make Dubai real estate market a better option for investments. You can calculate the benefit of purchasing a property through our property purchase calculator.

Latest trends emerging in Dubai real estate market.

Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants (Araco) has recently announced that their latest residential projects are targeting the middle orders. The real estate market is already witnessing a hike in the demand for the affordable units, while a drop in high-end luxury projects. Developers who are planning to design units for sell start concentrating the lower income level. There is an increased demand for One bedroom units instead of studio and three bedroom or bigger units. Even in villas, the three bedroom units have fewer demands to smaller units. Tenants think realistic. They pull back themselves from paying for what they are not really in need.

Interior planning and facility

There are some interesting and significant changes in the tenants’ demand about the interior and living space. Most of the tenants don’t want to compromise much with living space. An increase in demand for separate laundry and maid’s rooms is also witnessing. A decade ago, a maid’s room was only considered for three-bedroom and bigger apartments and villas. Today developers are demanding a separate maid’s room, be it in a medium-sized two-bedroom or a large one-bedroom apartment.

The demand is a result of family structure changes. Families have become nucleus with working parents.


Real Estate agents without conflict of interest are in high demand.

Dubai’s real estate market is huge. Buying a property in Dubai is never an easy task. Typically a real estate agent in Dubai is representing the seller. This creates a natural conflict of interest for investors.

To find the best option out in the market which fits the buyer’s budget, definitely the buyer needs a good understanding about the current market; Investors are in search for agents who can work for them not for the developer. Agents certified with A.B.R (Accredited Buyers Representative) are in demand.

The Accredited Buyer’s Representative is specially designed service for real estate buyer agents who focus on working directly with buyer-clients.

The A.B.R agent processes valuable real estate education, skills and knowledge which benefit the home buyers / investors. They also have ongoing specialized information, programs and updates on the latest trends for the home buyers / investors.

Benefits of hiring a real estate agent certified with Accredited Buyers Representative designation.

  • An A.B.R agent works on behalf of the buyer and not the seller.
  • A dedicated professional who does extensive research on the actual market prices, uses his/her experience to assist through the buying process and also who negotiates on the price on behalf of the buyer.
  • The buyer gets personalized representation throughout the home-buying process that ensures a fair and ethical transaction.
  • An A.B.R agent can reduce your investment cost hence can offer you a better Return Of Investment.


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